WooCommerce Restricted Category Access v3.5.10

WooCommerce Restricted Category Access

WooCommerce Restricted Category Access free download

WooCommerce Restricted Category Access does that and more.

Look no further! WooCommerce Restricted Category Access lets you limit a shopper’s access to certain product categories based on individual user accounts, or by user roles. Here’s how it works:

By default all customers on your WooComerce site have a role of “Customer”, or possibly “Subscriber” depending on circumstances.

You can rely on those built-in roles, or add new roles to WordPress using a free plugin such as WP Role Manager. Any roles you add are available for use in WordPress and WooCommerce.

With your roles established, visit the configuration page for the WooCommerce Restricted Category Access plugin, select which categories users can access, or define access based on roles – and you’re done.

In working example of how it works for shoppers, user account restrictions are checked first. If category access settings exist for a logged-in user’s account then the restrictions are applied and no checking is performed for the user’s role.

If no user account restrictions exist for the logged-in user then user role restrictions are checked. If role restrictions exist for the user’s role then those restrictions are applied.

If no user account restrictions exist for a logged-in user and no role restrictions exist the logged-in user’s role then no restrictions are applied.


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