Smarty v1.1.2 – Website + Admin + RTL

Smarty v1.1.2 - Website + Admin + RTL

Lightweight template – as you can see inspecting the source file, there are only two script loaded at the bottom: jquery and scripts.js All plugin files are loaded dinamicaly ONLY if needed on a specific page. If no plugin is needed, then no plugin is loaded and you don’t need to include them manualy using the old way! Example: countdown plugin is loaded only when scripts.js detect .countdown class. Everything covered in the documentation!

Smarty use a very smart and unique way to send forms. You don’t need to create php files to create a new form – everything is automated. Just create your html form and will work instantly! This is very unique! You can even upload files using the same technique you can see on contact or careers templates. No php coding needed!

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